Lesson 048 Revision of Expressions for the Days

Dajia hao. Huan ying ni dao Xianzai Xue Hanyu. Wo shi ML.
S: Nimen hao, wo shi Stuart. Lesson 48 today.
M: So, answer everyone. What lesson do we learn today? 今天我们学第几课, jin tian women xue di ji ke?
S: Dui le. 今天我们学第四十八课xue di si shi ba ke. Now answer this one. Zuo tian, women xue le di ji ke? ……….
M: 没错,not wrong, right, mei cuo. 昨天我们学了第四十七课, zuo tian women xue le di si shi qi ke?
S: Now you ask, ‘what lesson do we learn tomorrow?’ …..
M: Mei cuo! 明天我们学第几课, ming tian women xue di ji ke?
S: And the answer is? …. Dui le. 明天我们学第四十九课, ming tian women xue di si shi jiu ke.
M: Feichang hao.
S: Today is a revision lesson, 复习课, fuxi ke. And I’m very hungry. 我非常饿, wo feichang e.
M: 好,我们吃饭去, women chi fan qu.
S: Hao zhuyi.
M: Which restaurant? 我们去哪个餐馆, women qu nei ge canguan?
S: You say. 你说, ni shuo.
M: 你喜欢中餐吗, ni xihuan zhongcan ma?
S: 中餐,西餐,我都喜欢, zhongcan, xican, wo dou xihuan.
M: 我们吃中餐,好不好, women chi zhongcan, hao bu hao?
S: 很好, 我很喜欢中餐, wo hen xihuan zhongcan.
M: 好,我们走吧, women zou ba.
S: Now, can you say, “Chinese food, western food, I like everything”.
M: Mei cuo. Zhongcan, xican, wo dou xihuan. Zhongcan, xican, wo dou xihuan.
S: We also learnt ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’.
M: Yesterday. 昨天, zuo tian.
S: Tomorrow, 明天, ming tian.
M: For practice, say, ‘Yesterday, we learnt lesson one’.
S: Mei cuo. 昨天我们学了第一课, zuo tian women xue le di yi ke. Now say, ‘tomorrow we learn lesson 20’.
M: Dui le. 明天我们学第二十课, ming tian women xue di er shi ke.
S: henhao!
S: Break over! Ask ML, ‘are you hungry?’, using two types of question. ….
M: Mei cuo! 你饿吗,ni e ma? And 你饿不饿, ni e bu e?
S: Now, same again with, ‘are you tired?
M: Dui le, 你累吗? And, ‘你累不累, ni lei bu lei.
S:Now try, ‘are you going?’ ….
M: right! 你去吗?, and, 你去不去, ni qu bu qu?
S: Now say, ‘we’ll go eat, Ok?’ ….
M: Dui le. 我们吃饭去, 好不好. All together, women chi fan qu, hao bu hao?
S: So, we’re off to eat. At last! Zai jian.

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