Liao Tian 聊天- Daily Mandarin Lesson

When you get together with your Mandarin-speaking friends, you will undoubtedly liáo tiān which means “to chat.”

Liáo tiān has two characters: 聊天. The first one, liáo, means “to chat,” or “to kill time.” The second character, tiān, means “day,” or “sky,” or “heaven.” Liáo tiān could mean “chatting away the day.”

Another way to say “chat” is liáo liáo (聊聊), which is perhaps more descriptive of the repetitive nature of chat.
Examples of Liao Tian
    Qǐng zuòxia gēn wǒmen liáotiān.
    Please sit down and chat with us.

    Tāmen liǎng gè rén xǐhuan liáotiān.
    Those two like to chat.

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