Medical Effects of Tea 茶的药用价值

It has been being widely accepted in China that tea is a good drink for preserving one’s health. Researched found that the catechuic acid, cholestenone, caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid that tea contains can work together to prevent and restrain adiposity, and many examples have proved that drinking tea, gargling or brushing one’s teeth with tea, or chewing tea-leaves are effective with problems of saprodontia and bromopnea. Also, clinical experiments discovery that people who drank three bowls of Tuo tea (a bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves) had a decline of 13% in their blood fat, and their cholesterols were decreased, too. The following table is the main medical effects of green tea, black tea, white tea, and scented tea commonly accepted in China as well as some medical research results (for your reference).

(1)Green Tea

1. Anti-aging: the antioxidant green teas contain is conducive to ageing. 2. Antibiosis: Studies shows that the catechin green tea contains can restrain some bacterium that causing deseases without harming the multiplying of beneficial bacterium.

3. Antiatheroscloresis: Some experiments show that the catechin in green tea can restrain platelet aggregation and reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis; besides, the flavonol in green tea with antioxidation can prevent blood coagulum and reduce the incidence of angiocardiopathy.

4. Slimming: The theophylline and caffeine in great tea can activate protein kinase and triglyceride, which is helpful for decreasing the accumulation of adipocyte.

5. Preventing saprodontia and curing bromopnea: The fluorine green tea contains can restrain the germs that causes saprodontia and reduces the incidence of dental plaque and periodontitis; and the tannin can stop food orts from germ-breeding so that bromopnea can be treated.

6. Skin-whitening & anti- ultraviolet rays: The catechines in green tea can resist the UV-B which can cause skin cancer.

7. Treating dyspepsia: Resent research reports show that green tea works well in improving dyspepsia. For example, drinking some green tea can relieve acute diarrhea caused by bacterium.

8. Preventing cancers: Search on this effect is still in inference, but in China it is widely accepted that green tea is useful for cancer prevention.


(2)Black Tea

Black tea is fermented tea with dark red tea-leaves and tea water, hence the name of "hong cha (红茶, red tea)" in Chinese. The most famous Chinese black teas are Qihong (Anhui Province), Zhenhong (Yunnan Province), Xuanhong (Hubei Province) and Chuanhong (Sichuan).

On May 13th American College of Physicians published an over 10-year-old medical research based on 540 females and 497 males: it turned out that ossature of those who usually drank black tea are more robust. An American magazine reported that black tea work better in myocardial infarction than garlic, broccoli and broccoli do.

An experiment by Osaka City University of Japan got the result that the velocity of blood vessels was well ameliorated one hour after people drank black tea, which is effective at preventing and curing myocardial infarction.

Besides, black tea also works in indigestion, eliminating edema, strengthening myocardium, preventing tooth decay and food poisoning, reducing blood glucose and hypertension, as well as increasing secretion of urine.

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