Mengzi Rice Cake in Yunnan 云南蒙自年糕

Mengzi Rice Cake is one of the famous traditional foods of Yunnan Province. Featuring smooth surface, crystalline and moist appearance, sweet taste and pliable texture, the cake is not greasy even you eat a lot of them. With a history of more than 300 years, the cake boasts precise making procedures: First, milling the specially selected high-quality glutinous rice into mush with water; then, mixing it with brown or white sugar, sesame, rose, peanuts and ham; putting a certain amount of the resulting mixture into a bowl with a whole piece of tofu skin; after that, cooking the mixture at 150 degree Celsius; finally, coating the cake with oil and stamping it after cooling down. After all these procedures, the cake is ready for market.
Bowl-shaped Mengzi rice cake comes in either red or white varieties. Red cake is brownish red while the white cake looks mild yellow. Tasting good but cheap in price, Mengzi rice cake is nutritious. The cake is easy to serve: slicing the cake into small pieces and fry or bake them at low temperature until they become soft. In general, the cake slices are fried in oil to make the delicacy crispy outside and glutinous inside. It makes a good gift for relatives and friends.
Mengzi rice cake won the title of “High-Quality Product of Yunnan Province” and a bronze medal at the national food expo. It is also popular outside the province and is available in countries and regions such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and the United States.

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