Mongolian folk song “Swan goose” 蒙古民歌《鸿雁》

蒙古族现主要分布在内蒙古自治区,被称为“马背民族”。 蒙古族民歌以声音宏大雄厉,曲调高亢悠扬而闻名。其内容丰富,反映了蒙古的风土人情。
The Mongolian, known as the “nation on the horse”, is mainly distributed in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The Mongolian folk song is famous for its grand sound, high and melodious tunes. And its rich content reflect the local conditions and customs of Mongolia.

《鸿雁》这首民歌的歌词十分简单易懂,淡淡的忧伤却不失荡气回肠。 “天苍茫,雁何往,心中是北方家乡”, “鸿雁北归还,带上我的思念”。这两句歌词,不仅表现了当地人对鸿雁的特殊情感,更是借助北归鸿雁,表达了蒙古人对家乡的思念之情。听着这首歌,你会被其中优美的曲调深深打动,仿佛眼前就是气势恢弘的北方大草原,让人不由自主的沉浸在浓浓的思乡之情之中。
The lyrics of “Swan goose” is very easy to understand, though full of gentle sadness but also soul-stirring. “Vast sky, wherver the swan goose goes,  always keep northern hometown in heart.”, “If the swan goose goes to north, take my thoughts there.”. These two lines not only show the locals’ special emotion to swan goose, but also express the Mongolian’s thoughts of hometown by the description of swan goose flying north. While listening to this song, audiences can be easily moved by its melody, as if the northern grand prairie presents before eyes, letting them involuntarily immerse in thick homesickness.
The Mongolian long tune folk song is a kind of folk art that is inherited by mouth, and this unique way of singing becomes endangered.  To continue carrying forward and inherit the national culture, we need to protect grassland culture heritage.

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