National Parks of China-Tibet Qinghai Ningxia 西藏 青海 宁夏

Tibet Qinghai Ningxia 西藏 青海 宁夏:

西藏 Tibet:
Chinese Pinyin English
雅砻河国家公园 Yǎ lóng hé guójiā gōngyuán Yarlong River National Park


青海 Qinghai:
Chinese Pinyin English
青海湖国家公园 Qīnghǎi hú guójiā gōngyuán Qinghaihu National Park


宁夏 Ningxia:
Chinese Pinyin English
西夏王陵国家公园 Xīxià wáng líng guójiā gōngyuán Xixia Wangling National Park (or Royal Tombs of Western Xia Kingdom)

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