Never make these mistakes in Chinese 25

Foreigners often make some strange mistakes in Chinese when they study the most difficult language— —Chinese. We try to analyze typical sentences to correct these errors.

         Wǒ yì tīng, wǒ jiù míngbái le.
False: 我一听,我就明白了。
          Wǒ yì tīng, wǒ míngbái le.
True: 我一听,我明白了。

英语可以说I got the idea as soon as I heard it。在汉语里,因为“一……就……”连接两个紧接着发生的动作,前后两个分句的主语用词重复,应该删去第二个“我”。
In English, it is perfect to say "I got the idea as soon as I heard it". However in the Chinese fixed pattern 一……就…… which joins two events in quick succession, only one among the two clauses requires a subject. 我 in the second clause should be erased.

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