Never make these mistakes in Chinese 32

          Shuí Wánɡ lǎoshī wèntí?
False: 谁王老师问题?
          Wánɡ lǎoshī wèn shuí wèntí?
True: 王老师问谁问题?

这是whom did Teacher Wang ask the question?的直接翻译。在汉语里,动词“问”在后面可以带两个宾语,一个指人(“谁”),一个指事物(“问题”)。指人的宾语在前,指事物的宾语在后。
This is the literal translation of "Whom did Teacher Wang ask the question?"In Chinese, the verb 问 can take two objects, one denoting person(谁), the other denoting object(问题), and the former one always goes before the latter.

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