Never make these mistakes in Chinese 36

                Zuótiān nǐ zuò shénme le?
False: A: 昨天你做什么了?
             Zuótiān wǒ zuò kànshū le.
         B: 昨天我做看书了。
            Zuótiān nǐ zuò shénme le?
True: A: 昨天你做什么了?
            Zuótiān wǒ kànshū le.
         B: 昨天我看书了。

做什么 is a verb-object phrase which inquires about an activity. In an interrogative sentence containing 做什么, the question lies in 做什么 as a whole, to which the answer is 做看书. If the question is considered to lie 什么 alone, the answer naturally turns to be 做看书, which is definitely ungrammatical.

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