Never make these mistakes in Chinese 39

          Běijīnɡ Dàxué yǒu jǐ ɡè liúxuéshenɡ?
False: 北京大学有个留学生?
          Běijīnɡ Dàxué yǒu duōshǎo ɡè liúxuéshenɡ?
True: 北京大学有多少个留学生?

In Chinese, 几 represents a proximate number larger than one and smaller than ten. It is unreasonable to use 几 to inquire the number of students in such an institute as Beijing University. Covering a much wider range of numbers, 多少 proves to be a more efficient, flexible way of asking about number. Thus, we use 多少 instead of 几个.

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