Never make these mistakes in Chinese 50

          Zuótiān tāmen fǎnɡwèn le yí ɡè ɡōnɡchǎnɡ.
False: 昨天他们访问了一个工厂。
          Zuótiān tāmen cānɡuān le yí ɡè ɡōnɡchǎnɡ.
True: 昨天他们参观了一个工厂。

In Chinese, 访问 means to visit and talk with someone for a purpose. It usually requires a personal noun as its objects. To say "visit China" implies not only a tour but also talks or discussions with people concerned. The object of the sentence is 工厂 which in fact indicates the state of the factory. 参观 is the matching word for 工厂.

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