Never make these mistakes in Chinese 60

        Zhíyǒu yǒu cáinénɡ de rén, cái huì dānɡ dàshǐ.
False: 只有有才能的人,才当大使。
         Zhíyǒu yǒu cáinénɡ de rén, cái nénɡ dānɡ dàshǐ.
True: 只有有才能的人,才当大使。

会 is confused with 能 here. They are two distinct verbs in Chinese, 能 suggests the possession of a certain capability or qualification. In this sentence,有才能的人 is a necessary qualification for an ambassador. However 会 can not express this meaning. It must be replaced by 能 to achieve consistency of the whole sentence.

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