Never make these mistakes in Chinese 61

         Wǒ xǐhuɑn shuō hànyǔ, dànshì wǒ zhǐ shuō yìdián’ér 。
False: 我喜欢说汉语,但是我只说一点儿。
         Wǒ xǐhuɑn shuō hànyǔ, dànshì wǒ zhǐ huì shuō yìdián’ér 。
True: 我喜欢说汉语,但是我只会说一点儿。

一点儿 is used here to indicate that one’s knowledge and competence in the Chinese language acquired through learning and practice is rather limited. 会 is needed before the second predicate verb 说.

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