Never make these mistakes in Chinese 65

         Sāntiān nèi, nǐmen ké yǐ bù kéyǐ zào hǎo jiàn?
False: 三天内,你们可以不可以造好箭?
         Sāntiān nèi, nǐmen nénɡ bu nénɡ zào hǎo jiàn?
True: 三天内,你们能不能造好箭?

Here, 能 is confused with 可以. 可以 merely stresses capability, but 能 emphasizes the objective conditions as well. In the present sentence, asking whether the arrows can be finished within 3 days, to achieve the goal depends not only on the capability (the skill) of the arrow maker, but also on such conditions as material and tools. Thus 能 is the proper word to be chosen.

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