Old People are Stealing More Stuff in japan

Chinese title: “日本老年人犯罪创纪录 2万名老人曾偷超市物品”.
Theft by the elderly is on the rise in Japan, reports China Youth Daily. While I usually classify news items as advanced reading, the words in this article are actually fairly easy – slightly complex sentence structure but not a whole lot of complex vocabulary, worth a shot for intermediate students.
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警察厅 – jǐng chá tīng – Japan’s National Police Agency
行列 – háng liè – Procession
检举 – jiǎn jǔ – To report a crime / incident
据称 – jù chēng – Allegedly, according to reports
节俭 – jié jiǎn – Thriftiness, penny-pinching
调查 – diào chá – Investigation, inquiry
自制心 – zì zhì xīn – Self-control
中新网1月28日电据日本新闻网27日报道,日本警察厅发表消息说,越来越多的老人加入了小偷小摸的行列。在过去一年里,65岁以上老年人在超市和便利店等地方偷窃东西的人数比2009年增加了343人(增1.3%),总数达到2万7362人,占到全体遭检举小偷总人数的26%,几乎与“小偷少年”(14-19岁)的总人数 (27%)相同。
Japanese news agencies reported on the 27th that Japanese National Police Agency released information stating that more and more old people are joining the ranks [lit: procession] of thieves. In the past year, the number of people over the age of 65 who have stolen things from supermarkets and convenience stores has increased by 343 people (a 1.3% increase), with the total reaching 27,362 people, comprising 26% of all reported instances of theft, almost identical to the number (27%) of “Young Thieves” (14-19 year-olds).
Allegedly, among the reasons given by “Old thieves” who were caught, 71.8% said it was because they wanted the thing [they stole] but weren’t willing to pay money to buy it. Another 13.2% said it was because they didn’t have the money to buy it. An additional 0.9% of old people just thought it was fun, and [said] that it felt like a game. In terms of the proportion of men to women, 48.2% of the thieves were women, 51.8% were men, almost the same numbers.
Reports say that goods stolen by old people mostly consist of foodstuffs. National Police Agency analysis suggests that perhaps these old people are concerned about their future livelihoods, and their motivation to steal is based in “thriftiness”. At the same time, the investigation illustrates that these old people have lived for a long time without society’s support, lonely, isolated and without help, causing the excessive psychological fatigue which lead them to relax their self-control.

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