Popular Word – 2014年国家公务员考试 National Civil Servant Exam

As many as 990,000 candidates took the National Public Servant Exam on Sunday, according to the State Administration of Civil Service.

本次招录共有130多个中央机关及其直属机构和参照公务员法管理的单位(China’s central authority, their affiliated public institutions and local branches )参加,计划招录1.9万余人。参加考试人数与录用计划数比例为51:1.One out of 51 exam takers will succeed in gaining a post this year.


The popularity of the exam has been attributed to mounting pressures in finding employment, fairness of the test, and the attractiveness of civil servant jobs, which are stable and respected.

每年的公务员考试的笔试包括行政职业能力测试(an aptitude test) 和申论(a written policy essay),两门科目都通过了才可能进入下一轮面试 (make it to the interview round).

重点词汇 Key Words:

国家公务员局 guó jiā gōng wù yuán jú
the State Administration of Civil Service

中央机关及其直属机构zhōng yāng jī guān jí qí zhí shǔ jī gòu
China’s central authority, their affiliated public institutions

行政职业能力测试xíng zhèng zhí yè néng lì cè shì
an aptitude test

申论shēn lùn
a written policy essay

就业压力jiù yè yā lì
employment pressure

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