Popular Word – 剩女

shuĭ huò
Gray import goods; smuggled goods

shăn hūn
Flash marriage. This Chinese term originated in the early 21st century to describe a marriage between partners who wed after knowing one another for less than 7 months.

fáng nú
Mortgage slave

léi rén
Striking. It is now a popular contemporary Chinese Internet slang term.

shān zhài
Shanzhai, which literally means ‘mountain village’ in Chinese, is now a popular contemporary Chinese Internet slang term referring to copycat or clone culture. As a fast-growing phenomenon, more and more people, especially the young, are jumping on the bandwagon to share and createshanzhai items. One can find a shanzhai version for almost everything, from big brands to movies, songs, and even pop stars.

luò wǔ
Lag behind; become outdated or old-fashioned

qián wèi
Avant-garde, modern

shèng nǚ
3S woman (3S is short for Single, Seventies and Stuck). This tag refers to women who are old enough to marry but are still single. Usually they have a relatively good educational background and high income.

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