Pork joint stewed with rock sugar 冰糖肘子

Style of cooking: Beijing cuisine
Flavor: salty and sweet
This dish is a famous Tan’s Cuisine dish of Beijing. Its main ingredient is pork joints which are stewed and steamed. The dish is red and bright in color and the pork joint is crisp and soft. The dish sauce has a gluey consistency. The dish is agreeable to the taste as it is fragrant and strong in flavor, salty and sweet. It is also nutritious and has functions of skin elasticity strengthening, beauty protecting and age defying etc.
500g of the boneless uppermost part of a front leg of pork, soy sauce, 50g cooking wine, 5g of green onion, 5g of garlic, 10g ginger slice and 100g rock sugar.
Cooking method:
1. Clean the pork leg and remove the hair; split deeply enough to see the bone the leg in the inside and the soft side,. Cut along both sides of the bone and spread out the leg; then cut off the fatty meat aside to make the pork leg round.
2. Put the pork leg in boiling water and stew for about 10 minutes until the skin shrinks.
3. Put a bamboo grid in the pan and put the pork leg on the grid with the surface down; add water to submerge the pork leg and put in the cooking wine, soy sauce, refined salt, rock sugar, scallion and ginger; boil them on a high heat and then cover with the lid and stew for another half an hour; then turn the pork leg to stew thoroughly; stew the pork leg on a high heat until the soup becomes gluey in consistency; then take the pork leg out and put it while facing down in the soup bowl. Pick out the scallion and ginger and pour the sauce onto the pork leg.

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