Proper Nouns[edit] Simplified Traditional (if diff.) Pīnyīn English

1. 金妮       Jīnní  Ginny
2. 欧文       ōuwén  Owen
3. 艾美       àiměi  Amy
4. 东尼      Dōngní  Tony
5. 中国      Zhōngguó  China
6. 美国      Měiguó  America
7. 英国      Yīngguó  Britain
8. 法国      Fǎguó  France

Forming the nationality is usually as simple as adding on 人  ‹rén› (“person”) to the country name. 中国  ‹Zhōngguó› (“China”) becomes 中国人  ‹Zhōngguó rén› (“a person of Chinese nationality”), and so forth.

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