Qibo of China 中国历史-岐伯

Qibo(岐伯Qí Bó), was a mythological(based on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity) Chinese doctor, employed by the Huangdi(黄帝Huángdì) as his minister. It is said that he was enlightened with the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine by an ethereal being from the heavens.

He was a doctor in shanggu shidai in legend. He lived in Beidi.

It is said that he had learned medicine from some celestial being like Guangchengzi, Chisongzi, Zhongnanzi. He recognized medicinal herb in daylight, learned Tao of health maintenance and mastered jingluo medicine. Zhongnanzi recommended Qibo to Huangdi, while Huangdi asked Tao to Guangchengzi in Kongtong Mountains. Qibo became the chancellor of Huangdi. He sampled medicinal herbs by the order of Huangdi. Huangdi Neijing is the a book comprising the dialogues regarding medicinal problems between Huangdi and Qibo.

Sinologist Paul Unschuld maintains based on phonetic resemblances(if there is a resemblance between two people or things, they are similar to each other) that the elusive Qibo might actually have been Hippocrates.

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