Qingwen 请问- Daily Mandarin Lesson

The polite way to ask a Mandarin question is to preface it with qǐngwèn. This phrase translates as “May I ask” or “Excuse me,” and should always be said when asking a question to a stranger or person in authority.

Qǐngwèn is made up of two characters: 請問. The first character 請 (qǐng) means "to invite,” or “please” and the second character 問 (wèn) means “to ask.”
Examples of Qingwen

    Qǐngwèn, huǒchēzhàn zài nǎli?
    請問, 火車站在哪裡?
    请问, 火车站在哪里?
    Excuse me, wher is the train station?

    Qǐngwèn, nǐ jiéhūn le ma?
    請問, 你結婚了嗎?
    请问, 你结婚了吗?
    May I ask if you are married?

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