Ren Qing Wei 人情味- Daily Mandarin Lesson

Hospitality and good manners are highly valued in Chinese society. Someone who is friendly and hospitable is called rén qíng wèi in Mandarin Chinese.

Rén qíng wèi consists of three characters: 人情味. The first one, rén, means “person.” The second character, qíng, means “feeling” or “emotion.” These two characters together, rén qíng, mean “human emotions” or “social relations.” The third character, wèi, means “taste.”
Examples of Ren Qing Wei
    Tài guó rén hěn yǒu rén qíng wèi.
    Thailand people are friendly and hospitable.

    Wǒ juéde jiù de fángzi yǒu rén qíng wèi.
    I think old houses have a hospitable feeling to them.

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