Sinopec Introduction to the History of


Everyone might think that a single dro of oil is insignificant. A dro on the ground is just a tiny oily smear, and if you put it in a car, the car couldn’t even go a few meters. But we shouldn’t underestimate this little dro of oil. It’s very old, and it’s experienced hundreds of millions of years of evolution, having passed through many thousands of various processes before finally, from the very first animals, becoming the substance we use today in cars, and the petrol and deisel we use in various machines. After this, we’ll take a look at the story of this dro of oil, and we’ll give him a name – how about we call him “You Di”. Because oil truly is the most precious treasure the earth has given us. Our industrial society was built on the foundation of the oil industry. If we didn’t have oil, our machines wouldn’t work, our cars wouldn’t start, and we’d have no way to produce many everyday necessities, even basic things like soap and washing clothes, all these are products of the oil industry.

Interesting Vocabulary
滴 – dī – Droplet, drop
微不足道 – wēi bù zú dào – Insignificant
小看 – xiǎo kàn – Look down on, underestimate
演化 – yǎn huà – Evolution
工序 – gōng xù – Process
汽油柴油 – qì yóu – Petrol / gasoline
柴油 – chái yóu – Diesel
运转 – yùn zhuǎn – To work / operate

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