Small Puppet 小木偶

Life of a small puppet(小木偶xiăo mùŏu) is given by its performer. Being pulled up and down, the small puppet gets its expression and movements. Thereafter the story begins. At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the small Quanzhou string puppets(泉州木偶Quánzhōu mùŏu) have drawn the attention of the whole world. Flying after the fingers of the performers, they have caught the breath of the audience by giving an incredible performance beyond space and time.

There are various kinds of puppet shows. In accordance with the puppet types, there are string puppets, rod puppets, water puppets, firecracker(means a firework that makes several loud bangs when it is lit) puppets, iron puppets, cloth bag puppets and flesh puppets, etc. With the development of modern technology, the puppet show has been moved into the cinema with the characteristics of times, increasing its influence. At present, puppet shows are rarely performed on the street; instead they are performed in children’s theaters, bringing them with great conviviality.

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