Southern Great Wall 南方长城

Southern Great Wall(南方长城Nánfāng Chángchéng), which is about 10 kilometers away from the Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient city. In April, Year 2000, the archaeologists in China discovered that more than 190 kilometers of the ancient Great wall were the same as those of the northern Great Wall. Experts confirm that it was part of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall built to defend the kingdom against the Miao people of the south.

In Phoenix County(凤凰古城Fènghuáng gǔchéng), this section of the Southern Great Wall has also similar defensive function and structures as the Ming-dynasty Great Wall. Located at the border of Hunan and Guizhou, the Southern Great Wall starts at Xiqueying Village of Guzhang County and ends at the Tingziguan Pass. By the specialist of China, the Southern Great Wall was first built in 1615 at a large financial cost. Mostly constructed on high and precipitous ridges, about 5,000 soldiers used to be stationed along this section of the Southern Great Wall in China.

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