Stick-beaten chicken shreds of China

This is one of the well-known Sichuan local dishes that originated before the Ming Dynasty in a small town named Hanyang by the Mingjiang River in present Qingshen County, Sichuan Province. A chef created the dish by boiling chicken first, then beating with a stick till spongy(something that is spongy is soft and can be pressed in, like a sponge). Then he tore the chicken meat(鸡肉jīròu) into shreds, which was seasoned with spices.

The dish features a spicy(spicy food is strongly flavoured with spices) flavour and tender texture, which is popular among local people. Now, the dish is also served in Sichuan food restaurants in big cities like Beijing(北京Běijīng) and Shanghai(上海Shànghǎi). In recent years, many visiting overseas Chinese and foreign guests have tasted it and they are enchanted by its unique way of cooking and its uncommon nice flavour.

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