Stringed and Woodwind Music in China 丝竹音乐

The Stringed and woodwind music(丝竹音乐sīzhú yīnyuè) of Jiangnan is the umbrella name of the stringed and woodwind music popular in the southern part of Jiangsu, the western part of Zhejiang and Shanghai City. The name is originated from the fact that the band mainly uses stringed and woodwind musical instruments such as urheen (erhu), dulcime (yangqin), lute, sanxian, qinqin, bamboo flute, Xiao and so on. The stringed and woodwind music had been popular among the people no latter than the Qing. It was closely integrated with folk activities, which brought about pervasive(something, especially something bad, that is pervasive is present or felt throughout a place or thing) mass foundation for the music of this kind.

One of the main characteristics of stringed and woodwind music is that the playing style is dedicate and in the tutti process, the voice part of all the musical instruments not only have their own uniqueness but can also work harmoniously together. The traditional techniques are of "slight, fine, light and elegant" characteristics. The organization of the band that plays this kind of music is very flexible. Generally, there are three to five people, and the member can also be seven or eight people. They mainly use urheen and flute as their instruments. Other musical instruments are also used to match the playing, such as Stradivarius, for example, small Sanxian, lute, dulcimer; wind instruments, including Xiao and reed pipe; and percussion instruments such as drum, board, wooden knocker, pengling and so on. Large percussion instruments can also be integrated into the playing.

The organizations that play stringed and woodwind music can be divided into "Qingkechuan" and "Stringed and Woodwind Music Band". Stringed and woodwind music is originated from the people, which make it convenient for popularization. The music also has very important folk cultural values. The playing techniques and styles are impressed with the profound social and cultural connotations that reflect the modest attitude between people, coordination and innovation and so on. Stringed and woodwind music is one of the outstanding representatives of the water town culture of Jiangnan. The creation and continuation of it will have a very important influence to the research on our national musical history and the development of dramas, mass culture and folk culture.

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