Suoyi 所以- Daily Mandarin Lesson

To connect two ideas together in a single sentence, English speakers can use “so…” The Mandarin Chinese equivalent of “so” is suǒyǐ.

Suǒyǐ can also be used as a pause when gathering your thoughts, similar to the English use of the drawn-out “so…” which is common in daily conversation.

Suǒyǐ has two characters: 所以. The first one, suǒ, means “actually,” and the second character, yǐ, means “according to,” or “to use”.

The second character of suǒyǐ is the same as the second character of 可以 (kěyǐ) – “permitted to.”

Examples of Suǒyǐ
    Wǒ zài dúshū, suǒyǐ wǒ xiànzài méiyǒu shíjiān.
    I’m in the middle of studying, so I don’t have any free time now.

    Wǒ yào qù Táiwān suǒyǐ wǒ cái kěyǐ xué guóyǔ.
    I’m going to go to Taiwan so I can learn Mandarin.

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