Talk about Seven Cups of Anti-radiation Beauty Tea 花茶

Rose Honey Tea

Ingredients: rose petals, black tea, a spoonful of honey, a slice of lemon, water.

Effect: Refreshing rose honey tea helps to promote the circulation and hence to heal wounds. It also protects the liver, stomach and intestines. Regular sups of this tea

boost the metabolism and help you to keep fit.

Coix Seed Tea

Ingredients: coix seed, water

Effect: Coix seed tea(薏苡仁茶yìyǐrén chá) can help remove skin blemishes(a blemish is a small mark on something that spoils its appearance) and revitalize the skin.

Pear and Jujube Honey Tea

Ingredients: cubed pear, jujube slices, two or three slices of ginger, honey, water

Effect: Pears moisten the lungs and are diuretic, so promoting the elimination of toxins through urination. Jujubes enrich the blood and contain various nutrients. Pear and jujube honey tea is especially beneficial in winter.

White Fungus and Wolfberry Tea

Ingredients: 15 grams white fungus (after soaking in cool water for 3-4 hours), 25 grams Chinese wolfberries, crystal sugar (amount according to taste)

Place the white fungus in the pot with the water and boil until the white fungus is cooked thoroughly. Add some crystal sugar and wolfberries and remove from heat.

Effect: This tea moistens and rehydrates the skin and revitalizes a dull complexion.

Rose Tea

Ingredients: five or six roses, water

Effect: Roses remedy dry skin, improve the digestion and help to burn off fat. A cup of rose tea is recommended after a meal.

Green Bean and Chrysanthemum Tea

Ingredients: 10 grams chrysanthemum, 30 grams green bean paste, 10 mls fresh lemon juice, a spoonful of honey

Place the chrysanthemum, lemon juice and green bean paste into boiling water, and add the honey.

Effect: Green bean and chrysanthemum tea helps to close the pores and reduce skin blemishes and acne.

Crataegus Tea

Ingredients: 20 grams raw rehmannia, 25 grams centella, 25 grams crataegus, sugar

Grind the raw rehmannia, centella and crataegus into fine powder, boil it in water and add some sugar.

Effect: This tea removes pathogenic(a pathogenic organism can cause disease in a person, animal, or plant) heat from the blood and moisturizes the skin.

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