Tang Dynasty 唐朝

Tang (618 – 907)

After the unified two Han dynasty, China underwent the warring and scattered Three Kingdom Period, Western Jin Dynasty, Eastern Jin Dynasty, Southern and Northern Dynasties and Sui Dynasty successively for about 400 years. In 618 AD, Li Yuan (Emperor Tanggaozu) established the Tang Dynasty, which is commonly seen as the most puissant and flourishing dynasty in Chinese history. His son Li Shimin (Emperor Tangtaizong), who led the country to the summit of Chinese feudalism, adopted series of enlightened policies and further developed agriculture, handicraft industry, commerce, weaving, tintage, ceramics, metal smelting, shipbuilding and many other technologies at that time. In 760s, Tang Dynasty had ruled the Tarim Basin, Junggar Basin, regions along the Ili River and even made influence in many cities of Central Asia. Meanwhile, communications in economy and culture with Japan, Korean, India, Persia, Arab and other countries and regions made China known to more and more countries in the world.

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