Tea for tranquillity in China 中国茶道

Tea leaf may weigh next to nothing, but dedicated tea drinkers say it can bring pleasure and peace, in a respite(a respite is a short delay before a very unpleasant or difficult situation which may or may not take place) from busy day. With a little meditation(meditation is the act of thinking about something very carefully and deeply for a long time), tea offers more than aroma, taste and a bit of caffeine(caffeine is a chemical substance found in coffee, tea, and cocoa(cocoa is a hot drink made from cocoa powder and milk or water), which affects your brain and body and makes you more active).

Tea can be enjoyed both formally and in a relaxed way.

Tea ceremony, or cha dao(茶道chádào), is a ritualized(make or evolve into a ritual) way of making tea that combines art with brewing, and every step from preparation to serving is part of a performance. Etiquette and the proper tea pot, cups and utensils(utensils are tools or objects that you use in order to help you to cook or to do other tasks in your home) also play important roles in the performance.

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