The Awakening of Insects惊蛰

The "Awakening of Insects" is one of the cycle in 24 solor term(二十四节气èrshísì Jiéqì). In China, it is believed that awaking the insects means the coming of the spring. "Awakening of Insects" (惊蛰Jīngzhé) means the drilling mud in the winter the small animals are waking up out of Lei activity. "Awakening of Insects" day cycle, the Earth has already reached 345 degrees by the yellow sun, the general in the annual March 4 to 7 day. As an old saying goes, "In February Festival, creatures are shocked by the storm and thus the insects are awakened." According to the poem of Tao Yuan-ming in Jin Dynasty (晋朝Jìn-Cháo), "Promoting meet unexpectedly when the spring rain, only mine hair East corner, are the latent astonish hibernation, vertical and horizontal vegetation Shu". In fact, insects did not hear the sound of thunder. It is the warm weather that wakes them up.

During the period of “Awakening of Insects”, the temperature warms up and in spring there is usually plenty of rainfall. In addition to the northeast, while everywher is still covered with snow, the average temperature in North China for the day 3-6 ℃ but the average temperature in most parts of China has risen to more than 0 ℃. For example, Jiangnan has the temperature of more than 8 ℃ while the Southwest and South China has reached 10-15 ℃. South China has long been a pack of spring fills the air with warmth while north China is still freezingly cold. Therefore, China attaches great importance to working people since ancient times, Awakening of Insects cycle, put it as a spring start date. It is the beginning of agriculture. And farmers begin to farm their land and produce crops.

As the saying goes, "Farmer Tin neutral", "the Awakening of Insects Festival, hoes do not stop". During the Awakening of Insects, people in most areas of China enter the busy spring season. Seasonal range of people, moment. Koharu crop fertilizer management and planting seedlings Spring crops are at this time. This season is down-to-earth farm work and the size of the spring harvest plays a particularly important role. It is widely understood that "spring is the time of year"(一年之计在于春Yìnián zhī jì zàiyú chūn). Therefore, the rural farmers, old or young, are busy with their crops at that time.

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