The child and the shoes 孩子和鞋子

Háizi hé xiézĭ
The child and the shoes
Háizi shì háizi, xiézĭ shì xiézĭ,
Child is child, shoes are shoes, 
Háizi bú shì xiézĭ, xiézĭ bú shì háizi.
Child is not shoes, shoes are not child.
Shì háizi chuān xiézĭ, bú shì xiézĭ chuān háizi.
It is the child to wear the shoes, not the shoes to wear the child. 
Shuí fēn bù qīng xiézĭ hé háizi, shuí jiù niàn bù zhŭn xiézĭ hé háizi.
The one who cannot distinguish between child and shoes cannot speak them correctly. 

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