The Dao of choice

This book review is particularly beautiful in its whimsy. I get the distinct impression this book is a bit like the classic children’s story The Little Prince, which is readable on one level by children, and meaningful on a different level to adults.
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善良 – shàn liáng – Kind-hearted
滚动 – gǔn dòng – To roll, a rolling motion
萤火虫 – yíng huǒ chóng – Firefly, glowworm
榕树 – róng shù – Banyan tree
杀手 – shā shǒu – Killer, murderer
很久很久以前,一对贫穷的农家夫妇,在七十岁的时候生下了他们的第七个孩子,取名七喜。七喜当然是个善良聪明快乐的孩子,可是,他长得很奇怪。圆圆的身体,大大的脑袋,却没有手,没有脚……他只能靠滚动来“走路”。 七喜最好的朋友是一只萤火虫,它说,在地球的那一边,海的尽头,有一个地方叫黄金海岸,在一万棵榕树的某一个树干中,住着一位医生,或许能改变他的生活…… 然而,要去那里,当然要经过很多地方,尤其是在海上,那里有很多杀手……
Long, long ago, a poor farmer and his wife had their 7th child at the age of 70, so they named him “QiXi” [Seventh Happiness]. Of course, QiXi was a kind, smart and happy child, but he turned out rather strangely, with a round body, huge head, but no hands or feet… the only way he could “walk” was to roll along. QiXi’s good friend was a firefly who said that at the end of the earth, at the very edge of the sea, there was a place called the Golden Coast, and among ten thousand banyan trees, in one particular tree trunk there lived a doctor who might be able to change his [QiXi’s] life…. however, in order to get there, of course they must pass through many places and above all, cross the sea, wher there are many killers….

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