The Gentleness of Self sacrifice

Ah, bless romance novels – they’re the same in every language. This short synopses introduces 致命的温柔, “The Gentleness of Self-Sacrifice”, a book by Chinese author 艾米.
Advanced Chinese Book Review: Reading ExercisesThe very first clause here, 一次偶然的接机, presents a little conundrum, particularly the term 接机, which generally translates into “picking someone up”, and “airplane”. Whether this means that Carol and Jason met while both picking up someone else, or one was getting off the plane while the other was picking someone up seems unspecified.
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飞蛾扑火 – fēi é pū huǒ – Like moths to a flame
迷恋 – mí liàn – Be infatuated with
背弃 – bèi qì – Abandon, desert
体贴 – tǐ tiē – Considerate
After an accidental airport meeting, Carol and Jason fell in love at first sight, loving each other like two months to a flame, hurting each other in their infatuation, and yet feeling increasing tenderness for each other in their pain. Strong and determined Carol doesn’t dare believe in true love due to having been abandoned by her father; gentle and considerate Jason, because a woman previously killed herself over him, suffers from a “serious inability to love”. The two of them are mutually attracted, yet avoid each other, each knowing that they can’t reciprocate the love, but also both unable to convince themselves to walk away from it. When Carol finally becomes determined to face her love, tragedy descends upon Jason…

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