The Myth of Creation: Buluotuo 布洛陀

Date: 2006
Category: Folklore literature
Region: Guangxi Autonomous Region
Project No. I-2
Name of Applicant (region or institution): Tianyang County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
In the dictation literature of ancestors of Zhuang Ethnicity, Buluotuo is a mythic figure, god of creation, forefather, and god of morality. The story of Buluotuo is a long, poetic myth of creation of the Zhuang Ethnicity. Its main narration is about the remarkable achievements of Buluotuo: genesis and the creation of man. Since ancient times, it has been circulating in the area of Tianyang County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region by mouth. Roughly, during the Ming Dynasty, while spreading by mouth, the story was somehow recorded in old language of Zhuang Ethnicity, and a part of it later turned into the scripture of the folk Mo Religion of the Zhuang Ethnicity.
The myth of Butuoluo falls into six parts: genesis, the creation of man, creation of all things, creation of the earthly emperor, creation of characters and calendar, and creation of ethics and morality. It reflects the history of transition of mankind from the primitive, uncivilized age to the farming era as well as life of ancient tribes of the Zhuang ancestors. So it is of great academic value concerning studies on history, literature, religion, etymology, phonology, music.
The poetic dictation myth of creation Buluotuo is of a primitive nature. In the long-lasting process of circulation by mouth, the story was enhanced in terms of artistic taste thanks to generation after generation of polishing and enrichment. It can not only help understand history and meet the needs of life of people, but also serve the edifying purposes.
Due to historical and other reasons, today Buluotuo is facing the crisis of dying out. Measures like survey, filing, research and publishing and other forms of preservation such as village of cultural ecology preservation, chorus, training center, and training program at schools are all needed for the salvation of it, so as to ensure its survival and heritance under the modernized social conditions.
The Myth of Creation story-teller:
Huang Dajia

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