The Poster Bearing the Character "Fu" Paper-cut for Window Decoration

During the Spring Festival, every household usually sticks posters of various sizes bearing the Chinese character "Fu"(meaning "good fortune") on doors and walls. The character is a symbol of happiness, bliss and fortune. Sticking the poster upside down means the arrival of luck, happiness, and prosperity, because the Chinese word "Dao", or "upside down", sounds similar as "Dao", or "arrive". Meanwhile, some decorative motifs are added to the character "Fu", such as God of Longevity, birthday peaches, the carp jumping over the dragon gate and dragon and phoenix etc.
Paper-cut for window decoration comes in different colors and patterns. It’s a folk art with thousands of years’  history. A large number of such paper-cut works are dedicated to rural life, such as farming, weaving, goat grazing and chicken raising etc. In addition, mythological legends, opera stories, flowers, birds, insects, fish and the twelve zodiac signs are common subjects.

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