Traditional Festivals(1):Spring Festival

When spring is coming,China ring in the new year–Spring Festival.Spring Festival is the first traditional festival in the year of China,whice has thousands of years and the richest culture.It is the biggest festival to Chinese people. This festival is not limited to one day, but continued for more than two weeks until the Lantern Festival,January 15 on the lunar calendar.
The eve before spring festival is called New Year’s Eve,that is an important time whice a whole family get together.The family have a rich dinner,then play games all night to wait for new year’s coming.People often do not sleep on the last day of year and stay up to welcome the new year.We call it pernoctating.When the bell ring at the middle night of New Year’s Eve,people also have dumplings to express wishes for getting more money in the new.Children is enjoying the day who will be given some bills from betters to express they will live well in the new year.
New Year’s Day follow New Year’s Eve.At the begining of New Year’s Day,people visit relatives and friends to wish they a Happy New Year.Visiting is one of the impotant custom,whice people express wishes each other.Another custom is to stick Spring Festival Couplets on the edge of door or window.That couplet is written in red paper,whice means good luck and happiness.To children,firework is the most exciting part that make the day more lively.Certainly,each place has its local activities,like Lion Dance or Dragon Dance.

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