Unique Drinking Mode 独特的饮酒方式

Sucking Wine: This is an ancient drinking mode spreading in many places of the Southwest and the Northwest. In the festive days or when greeting the guests, people carry a wine jar out and sit together all around the wine jar, everyone holds a bamboo tube or a reed tube and inserts it into the wine jar aslant to suck the wine from the jar, including five or six even seven or eight people with hot drinking atmosphere. This unique drinking mode can strengthen the emotional exchange among people.
“Circling Wine”: This is a unique drinking custom in Yi Nationality. The so-called circling wine means that when drinking, people all sit on the ground, get around in circulars and pass one cup of wine from one to another with each person drinking a little, regardless of the occasion and site or the visitors and the guests. It is said that this custom comes from a touching story: There were three sworn brothers living in a mountain, who are Han nationality, Tibetan and Yi nationality respectively. One year, the third younger brother from Yi nationality invited his two elder brothers for dinner. The leftover rice became the full-bodied rice wine in the next day. Three brothers all wanted to leave the wine to other brothers, and declined politely, hence the wine was passed from morning to night, but still was not drunk out. Later the gods told them that as long as you work hard, there would be new wine after you drank out. Then the brothers began to drink in circular until they drunk as a lord.

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