Water Splashing Festival of the Dai Ethnic Minority 傣族泼水节

The Water Splashing Festival is the celebration of the New Year in the Dai people’s calendar, which usually falls on the three days from April 13 – 15. During the festival, the Dai people, wearing their festival suits, carry clean water first to temples to wash the Buddha and then splash each other with water. It is a way of washing away the old year and ushering in a new one. The clean and crystal water drops in the hands of young men represent sweet love. Water means ablution; water means blessings. With water vapor and laughter in the air, the Water Splashing Festival creates a sea of tranquility and happiness.
Besides water splashing, people also race dragon boats, hold cockfights, perform peacock dances, play bean-bag games, set off firecrackers and illuminate Kongming lanterns.
During Water Splashing Festival every year, millions of Chinese and overseas tourists swarm to Xishuangbanna, Ruili and other Dai places in Yunnan for the grand festival. As times goes by, the scale of Water Splashing Festival also keeps increasing with the growing number of participating tourists. On April 13, 1961, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai participated in the Water Splashing Festival in Xishuangbanna.

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