Weak Wine of Lu Country Resulted in the Siege of Handan 酒的典故——鲁酒薄而邯郸围

The Chinese story “Weak Wine of Lu Country Resulted in the Siege of Handan”, told the following content: When Chu Xuan Wang met with leuds, Gong Gong from Lu Country came late with weak wine, which made Chu Xuan Wang very angry. Gong Gong said, I was the offspring of Zhou Gong with exploit in the royal family. This was already very polite to send wine to you, regardless of the etiquette and identity. You still blamed for the weakness of the wine. Don’t be go that far.
Then he went back without conge. Hence Xuan Wang dispatched his troops to attack Lu Country together with Qi Country. Liang Hui Wang from Qi Country intended to attack Zhao Country all the time, but feared Chu Country to help Zhao Country. For this time, Chu Country wanted his help, so he didn’t worry that Chu Country would cause a trouble. Then Handan of Zhao Country became a victim due to the weakness of wine of Lu Country unexplainedly.

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