What Do You Like Most About Living in China?

Last we looked at the things we liked least about living in China. Because we’re big believers in positivity and being both fair and balanced we’re looking this week at the things we like most about living in China. It can be all too easy to complain, and to put our home countries and the way of life there on a pedestal, and we often forget what it is we love about living in China. Which is too bad because with 9.6 million sq km, 1.4 billion people, 5,000 years of history and 55 ethnic minorities, there is a whole lot to love. Whether it’s the people, the food, the money, the ladies, the jobs… what do you like most about living in China? Add your two fen in the comments section below.

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I love how friendly people are. Of all the places I’ve lived I find that China is the friendliest. The openness makes it much easier to make friends and learn about the language and culture. When I lived in Ukraine it was a very closed society and so difficult to get any insight into what people thought or did and as a result very frustrating and lonely.
S / Australia

My family. It is great to have the feeling the people near you understand you. For language and thinking. When I studied abroad it felt very lonely because my English was poor and many students did not understand how I thought. In China there is common language and culture for me.
X / China

It’s always exciting here. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good but never a boring day.
W / US

Definitely the sensation of being surrounded by 5000 years of civilization all the time.
H / UK

My favorite things about living in China: No wars (at least not in Guangdong and Beijing).
Historical and modern world combined (I have a special interest in ancient towns and places with a long history and folk customs).
L / China

So much easier to find work here. Also I can live very comfortably and spend money on taxis and going out. Even to expensive places. Back home I’d still be living like a poor student, here I can live like a king. And of course the situation with the ladies is an extra bonus. Way easier to find a hot girlfriend here. Added up it means the spitting and hassle are a small price to pay for the China lifestyle.
D / US

My favorite things in China are being able to buy cheap stuff, being able to eat out in restaurants all the time, being far away from home, having the chance to travel to amazing places within China during the holidays, being able to improve my Mandarin skills and feeling proud that I can survive all on my own in such an exotic country that speaks such a difficult language, oh and although I stick out like a sore thumb feeling much more comfortable in my own skin than back at home.
R / German

China is developing very fast. As a Chinese it is very exciting to see this. Even though not everything is perfect and there are many problems, it is still great to see China become so rich and strong. Life has improved for many and the changes have been so big.
W / China

This is wher it’s all happening. The world is changing right now and it’s happening right here in China.
U / S Africa

Big fan of the safety. Sure there are isolated incidents of robberies or the occasional mugging around Sanlitun but compared to America there is virtually no violent crime here. I can walk anywher feeling safe and not having to be worried about being jumped or shot. I don’t always think about it but it’s a huge factor in quality of life to not have to live in a state of fear and worry (no pun intended).
B / US

Living in China benefits my career. It distinguishes me from the other business school grads and means I will get a better job when I return to my country. I can get experience here doing jobs I would have to wait 5-8 years to get back in New Zealand. Working here gives you many opportunities and looks good on a resume.
T / New Zealand

The food! Cheap, delicious, everywher, fast, fairly healthy. Love it, love it, love it.
E / Bolivia

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