White Hair, Black

A slightly silly joke courtesy of the March 2006 print issue of Youth Digest.
I’m not actually 100% sure about 威廉期 meaning “Williams”. This is most certainly a name, 威廉 is most certainly “William”, and 期 is most certainly the character “Qi”, however, these characters put together might be some kind of transliteration for a slightly different English surname, like Williamson or something. As usual, grappling with English / Chinese name transliteration is a pain.
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威廉期 – wēi lián qī – William Qi / Williams
墨西哥 – mò xī gē – Mexico
奇怪 – qí guài – Strange
胡子 – hú zi – Beard
黑黢黢 – hēi qū qū – Black, dark black
好奇 – hào qí – Curious

威廉期先生到墨西哥旅行,一天,他在大街上看到了一个奇怪的人。 该人的头发长的雪白,而胡子却黑黢黢的。 他好奇的上前问道, “为什么您的头发这么白,而胡子却这样黑呢?”

Mr. Williams was traveling in Mexico. One day, he saw a very strange man on the street. This person’s hair was snow white, however his beard was black. He curiously went up and asked, “Why is your hair white, but your beard is black?”
The man answered, “What’s weird about that? My hair is 20 years older than my beard, how could they be the same?”

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