Winter Solstice Food

According to Chinese custom, the time between the beginning of the winter to the winter solstice is the best period of time for nourishing the human body. People call it “winter nourishment”. The correct tonic methods can strengthen body and keep people slim.

Here is a common method of cooking a “nourish the winter” diet.

Put prepared medicines, such as Eight Dainties, Four Ingredients, Si Wu Decoction and Danyw, into a large jug. Then prepare fowls or wild fowls, and pettitoes, kidney, eel, and turtle, clean them up and put them into a jug. Then pour water and wine into it or slowly simmer it with wine.

The effective components of cooked ingredients will mix into the soup. The cartilage in the meat will be so soft it melts in the mouth and the unique smell of the Chinese medicine will fill the room.

Notice: “Winter nourishment” should be processed under good health condition. It should be avoided when catching a cold and suffering from a fever or cough. However, the potency of “Four Ingredients Soup” (semen nelumbinis, semen euryales, yam and Tuckahoe) is mild. Meanwhile, it has rich nutrition and can also strengthen the intestines. Even though people have physical weakness caused by a cold, as long as they have some appetite, they can eat it.

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