Write 旁(páng)(side) in Chinese character

旁 (páng)


The original meaning of “旁” was “all directions.” The lower part is “方,” which means “place,” indicates pronunciation. The upper part used to be written as “凡,” which means “all” or “everything.”

side, other


旁边(pángbiān): side
旁人(pángrén): other people
旁观(páng guān): to look on
旁听(pángtīng): to audit a class or meeting
旁门歪道(pángménwāidào): dishonest practices; crooked things


1、Nǐ bù hǎohǎo xuéxí, pángrén huì xiàohua de.
If you don’t study well, other people will make fun of you.
2、Fùmǔ cóngxiǎo jiù jiàoyù wǒ búyào zuò pángménwāidào de shì.
Since I was a little boy, my parents have told me not to do dishonest things.

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