Yixing Tea Making Method 宜兴泡法

1. 特色:
1. Characteristics:
This logical and smooth tea making method is worked out by mixing the methods of different regions and paying special attention to water temperature.
2. 冲泡步骤:
2. Procedures for making tea:
Appreciate the tea: put the tea directly in the tea holder (a special container of tea, similar to a small plate). A specially-assigned person will serve the tea in front of the tea drinkers so that the drinkers can appreciate the appearance of the tea and smell the fragrance of the tea.
Warm the teapot: pour the hot water into the teapot until it is half full before pouring the water in the teapot out into the cistern.
Add the tea: slide the tea from the tea holder to the teapot.
Make the tea warm and humid: pour water into the teapot unit it is full and then put the lid on. Pour the water into the fair cup. (The purpose of these actions is to enable the tea to absorb moisture as well as cleaning it).
Warm the cups and cover with bowl: pour the water from the fair cup to the tea pitcher again so as to heat up the cup. This can help improve the tea.
The first tea making procedure: pour the proper amount of water into the teapot and pay attention the duration of time should depend on the quality of the tea being made.
Dry the teapot: take up the teapot and let the bottom of teapot touch the tea cloth so as to wipe off the water droplets on the bottom of the pot.
Pour the tea: pour the tea into the fair cup.
Share the tea: pour the tea from the fair cup to the tea cups. The proper amount is 70% to the top of the tea cups.
Clean the teapot and remove the tea grounds: pick out the tea grounds from the teapot at first, and then swill the teapot eight times so as to clear away the rest of the tea grounds and pour them into the cistern.
Pour out the water: pour the water out of the cistern. Clean all tea sets and prepare them for next time’s use.

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