Zenmenyang 怎么样- Daily Mandarin Lesson

The Mandarin Chinese equivalent to “what’s up?” is zěnmeyàng. This expression can also be used when asking “what’s the matter,” “what happened,” or “what’s your opinion.”

Zěnmeyàng consists of three characters. 怎 (zěn) means “how”; 麼 (me) is a question particle; and 樣 (yàng) means “manner,” “way,” or “appearance.”

Zěnmeyàng can be used on its own or as part of a sentence.
Examples of Zenmeyang

    Nǐ juéde Běijīng de rén zěnmeyàng?
    What do you think about Beijing people?

    Nǐ juéde zhègè wèidao zěnmeyàng?
    How do you like this food?

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