Ziyang Folk Songs 紫阳民歌

Time: 2006
Category: Folk Music
Region: Shaanxi province
Ref. No.: Ⅱ-18
Nominating unit [s]: Ziyang county, Shaanxi province
Ziyang folk songs, popular in the Ziyang county of Shaanxi province, have the distinctive flavour of south Shaanxi province. Located in the middle of south Shaanxi, Ziyang was named after Ziyang Master Zhang Boduan, the initiator of the southern branch of Taoism. In Zhounan and Zhaonan sections of the Book of Songs, the earliest collection of poems in ancient China, there are 25 songs that were popular mainly in the regions of the upper reaches of Hanshui River, Ziyang County included. Over the course of the change of dynasties, Ziyang folk songs gradually became developed with the formation and development of local customs and reached its peak during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
The reserves of Ziyang folk songs are very rich, and its total repertoire has reached 5,028 pieces, with 828 of them written down for posterity. Its genre includes haozi, mountain songs and ditties, including some other kinds like Shehuo (Social Fire) songs, local custom songs, religious songs, Quzi (tune), etc. As Ziyang folk songs are profound and widely sung, Ziyang County has been awarded the title of Home to Folk Songs by the National Ministry of Culture.
Ziyang folk songs have been circulated for a long time, and they are very humorous by means of metonymy, and have great literary value. The unique dialect used is similar to the Sichuan dialect, Hunan dialect and Hubei dialect. The color-rich tremblo in high-pitched tunes make them melodious and special. Rooted in folk activities, they display rich local customs and culture. Representative pieces of them include Lad Singing Opposite, Chang Shange (Sing Mountain Songs), Xi Yishang (Doing Laundry), and Nanshan Zhuzi (Bamboo on the South Mountain), etc. It has great significance to the enrichment and extension of Chinese national music.

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