Chinese Duck Dishes

In China, duck is always considered to be a sumptuous dish on a dining table at a meal. The nutritious value of duck is similar to that of chicken. In the same way as chicken, nearly every part of a duck can be prepared as food, including the feet. It is eaten in various cuisines around China.

Medicinal Functions of Duck
According to traditional Chinese medicine, duck is a cold natured food. It is an excellent tonic food that nourishes the stomach and is also used for toning kidneys, treating edemas, relieving coughs, and reducing phlegm.

Therefore, it is a popular food at mealtimes in China.

Popular Duck Dishes
Duck can be cooked by roasting, frying, stewing, boiling, and smoking. It is the main ingredient of many delicious dishes. It can be made into numerous dishes including roasted duck, crispy duck, duck bone soup, fried duck pieces, fried duck with coriander, and braised duck feet.

The most popular dish is Peking duck, which originated from Beijing. A whole duck is sliced into pieces before eating. The slices are commonly eaten with green onion, fresh cucumber, and sweet soybean paste wrapped in a pancake made from flour and water. Learn more about Peking duck.

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